Angus (portrayed by Aedin Mincks) is a recurring character on the Disney Channel original series A.N.T. Farm. Like all A.N.T. members at Webster High, Angus has a special talent - being a computer genius.

Angus has a missle launcher at school that A.N.T. newbie Chyna Parks set off on accident, thinking it was a video game. He has a pig spleen. It was also mentioned at Lexi's party that Cameron got Angus to hack into his GPS Tracker so that his dad would think he was at church. Angus has a crush on Olive.


  • Angus has the book, Sammy Sucks His Thumb, which could be a book on getting out of the habit of sucking your thumb. Meaning, he may have a thumb-sucking problem.
  • He also owns the book, How to Win A Girl in 10 Easy Steps, to which he lends to people.
  • He is taking Olive's Dad cheese tasting to win Olive's heart.
  • Likes Olive's dark side.
  • He was A.N.T. Representative by force one year to which he had to be a human cannonball, a giant bunny prize, and a disco ball.