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Gibson Naber (portrayed by Zach Steel) is a recurring protagonist on the Disney Channel original series A.N.T. Farm. Gibson is the A.N.T.s' tutor/guidance counselor/therapist/human pantry/tissue box at Webster Upper School.

He 1st appears in the 1st episode Transplanted where he is seen greeting Chyna and her parents, introducing her to her fellow A.N.T.s, and falling to the ground because of Chyna's 'Nap App'.

In the following episode, Participants, he leads the A.N.T.'s through the halls with a preschool safety rope. He also gives each A.N.T. a whistle in case one of them get lost. It is shown seconds later that he occasionally gets lost and blows his whistle to get Principal Skidmore to help him get to where he is going. purple piggy - YouTube


  • His trade mark's wearing a striped top.
  • He has a pet turtle named Bob, well had.
  • He calls his Grandma, Grandma Nana.
  • He lived in an apartment with his Grandma.
  • He's in love with knitting, mahjong, feeding pigeons, and chocolate.
  • He made his own game, Gibson Pursuit.
  • He was potty trained when he was 14.
  • He has a collection of earwax candles.
  • His idea of a perfect date is November 3rd.
  • He has chronic dandruff.
  • He's been in love with Sophie ever since he was 10.
  • He has (had) a turtle named Bob but hates his grandma's boyfriend, Bob