IdANTity Crisis


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One day, Principal Skidmore comes over and reports that she has installed a frozen yogurt machine and Violet has enjoyed some. Violet looked lifeless and all she said was "Principal Skidmore is wonderful. Enjoy some free yogurt." Soon, Fletcher and Olive and other children's personalities are turned into frozen yogurt, "droned". Principal Skidmore wants to do the same to Chyna. Chyna asks "With one army?", but she shouldn't have, because her joke turns out to be true. The FroYo drones chase after her and she quickly pretends to be one of them and bribes them to make music about Principal Skidmore. They do, and Chyna quickly closes the door and traps them temporarly. Meanwhile, Lexi is having nightmares about falling in love with Chyna's brother, Cameron Parks. Chyna eats all the frozen yogurt, causing all her friends to appear in her brain. There was a downside: Olive and Violet argued over hiding or running, and while Chyna is spinning around, the FroYoDrones grab her and Principal Skidmore laughs evily. The bodies eventually get mixed up.