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Lexi Reed (portrayed by Stephanie Scott) is the main antagonist on the Disney Channel original series A.N.T. Farm. She's a student at Webster High School who's the lead in all the shows, president of student council and head cheer captain. She is threatened by Chyna's talent and always tries to step her up.

In the pilot episode, transplANTed, she was first seen in Chyna's music class explaining her popularity in school. She is seen in most of that episode at her mansion where she is throwing a party. Lexi mocks the A.N.T.'s throughout the party.

Lexi is also very devious. This trait is first apparent in participANTs, where she gives Chyna a spot in the cheer squad, but only to have her do dangerous tricks and cheer so much that she'd lose her voice and be unable to audition for the school musical. Other examples include "leading" Cameron to find instructions to send someone on a wild goose chase, sabotaging Principal Skidmore's chances with dashing city councilman, Ted Tuggart, and, most notably, trying to use Chyna's song choice against her on America Needs Talent.

Lexi has also shown the ability to sing, singing "Candy Town" in participANTs and the unintentional "Sweet as a Sprinkle" in america needs talANT.


  • She always wins Student Body President.
  • She always performs the lead in the school plays and musicals.
  • She is extremely diabolical for a mean girl.
  • Her enemies are Chyna and the A.N.T.s.
  • Her primary sidekick is Paisley Houndstooth.

Roles She Has Played in School PlaysEdit